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Thoth Tarot Cards

  • OTO information card.
    Pictures of Mambo Sam's first US edition of the Thoth Tarot deck. This is a very rare deck, with really incredible art work. The illustrations of the Thoth deck are rich in symbolism, based upon Crowley's stated desire to incorporate symbols from many disparate disciplines, including science and philosophy, as well as to draw on his extensive knowledge of various occult system (as described in detail in his Book of Thoth). Hope you enjoy the photos.

Sobo Ritual 2011

  • Ti Hochet
    Pictures of Sister Bridget's Altar for the 2011 Sobo Rital.

Lwa Bottles by Sister Bridget

Bridget's Altar Spaces UPDATED June 2010!

  • Spring cleaning 2010
    Welcome! In this album are various photos of my altars, rituals I have done, and some of my tools used in this very special work. I hope you enjoy your time here ;-) In Service, Sister Bridget Corfield de la Familie Fleurette-Beauchamp

Papa Legba Ritual Altar Photos UPDATED!

  • 6/13/10 Leggo
    As many of you know, each June the Spellmaker Family perfomed month long rituals to Papa Legba, petitioning also to St Peter, St Anthony and St Lazarus along with Papa on each Saint's Feast Day. What a wonderful month June is for us, and how rewarding to petition for our beloved clients in each ritual we perform. This album has various pictures of the altars I set up all month. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Updated to include both 2009 and 2010 rituals Love Sister Bridget Familie de la Fleurette-Beauchamp-Corfield

Bridget's Fet Ghede Altar Photos

  • Fet Ghede 2010 Atlar Pictures
    Welcome! Inside please find some photos altar I set up for Fet Ghede over the years. Hope you enjoy! Light and Love Sister Bridget

Bridget's Fet Ghede 2008

  • Creative Candle Holder
    Sorry I couldnt make the convention and party with you all ;-( I would have been there if I could have. I did have a Fet Ghede celebration of my own, and here are a few pictures I took. Hope to see you all next year and have a really grand time ;-)

Angels and Other Beings of Light

Chief of the Guardian Angels!


Barachiel is an archangel known as the angel of blessings and this angel is also the chief of all of the guardian angels. Barachiel (who is also often known as "Barakiel") means "God's blessings." Other spellings include Barchiel, Baraqiel, Barkiel, Barbiel, Barakel, Baraqel, Pachriel, and Varachiel.

Barachiel intercedes in prayer before God for people in need, asking God to give them blessings in all areas of their lives, from their relationships with family and friends to their work. People ask for Barachiel's help in achieving success in their pursuits. Since Barachiel is also the chief of all guardian angels, people sometimes ask for Barachiel's help delivering a blessing through one of their personal guardian angels. 

In art, Barachiel is usually depicted scattering rose petals that represent God's sweet blessings showering down on people, or holding a white rose (which also symbolizes blessings) to his chest. However, sometimes images of Barachiel show him holding either a basket that's overflowing with bread or a staff, both of which symbolize the blessings of producing children that God bestows on parents. 

Barachiel sometimes appears in feminine form in paintings that emphasize Barachiel's nurturing work delivering blessings. Like all archangels, Barachiel doesn't have a specific gender and can manifest as either a male or a female, according to what works best in a given situation.

Green is the angel color for Barachiel. It represents healing and prosperity and is also associated with Archangel Raphael.

The Third Book of Enoch, an ancient Jewish text, describes archangel Barachiel as one of the angels who serve as great and honored angelic princes in heaven. The text mentions that Barachiel leads 496,000 other angels who work with him. Barachiel is part of the seraphim rank of angels who guard God's throne, as well as the leader of all the guardian angels who work with humans during their earthly lifetimes. 

Barachiel is an official saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church, and he is also venerated as a saint by some members of the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic tradition says that Barachiel is the patron saint of marriage and family life. He may be shown carrying a book representing the Bible and Papal encyclicals that direct the faithful on how to conduct their marital and family life. He also traditionally has dominion over lightning and storms and also sees to the needs of converts.

Barachiel is one of the few angels that made it into the Lutheran liturgical calendar.

In astrology, Barachiel rules the planet Jupiter and is linked to the Pisces and Scorpio zodiacal signs. Barachiel is traditionally said to inspire a sense of humor in people who encounter God's blessings through him.

Barachiel is mentioned in the Almadel of Solomon, a book dating from the Middle Ages on how to contact angels by means of a wax tablet. 


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